Welcome to IMG Visuals

I'm Ruslan, the brains behind IMG Visuals, based in beautiful Vancouver Canada. My journey began back in 2014 in Ukraine when I first dipped my toes into the world of Adobe Illustrator. My dream was big – to build something remarkable...

Today, IMG Visuals proudly serves companies across the United States and Canada, thanks to our team of exceptionally talented individuals working across two studios.

Our mission is to help businesses connect with their audiences and cultivate enduring relationships. Our 8 years of expertise in visual content creation is here to serve your business!

Meet our creative team🔥

Our team created more than 250 000 of visuals for healthcare, engineering, IT, finance, education and many more. You can fully rely on our expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Lottie and Midjourney.

Let's get work done

I'm Kate, joined the team in 2018 as a product manager, and it's been quite the adventure since then! In 2021, Ruslan and I co-founded a company in Poland - Papa Vector, which has now evolved into IMG Visuals in Canada.

What drives me? Taking on challenges and finding creative solutions for our clients. I love learning about our clients' businesses. There are countless ways we can connect your product and your audience through visuals, and I'm here to discover the best creative solutions.

We're here to inspire your imagination. Let's get started.